Senator Deb Fischer (NE) introduced S. 2884, the Veterans Fair Debt Notice Act of 2018.

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This bill would require the VA to create a debt notice letter, with the assistance of veterans service organizations, to be written in plain language, providing a clear explanation of why the debt was created and the options available to the veteran.  The VA would further be required to develop a method that allows veterans to receive the debt notice via email as well as by standard mail.

Currently, VA debt letters are not written in easy to understand language and often lack an explanation of why the debt was created.  Many veterans do not understand the reason for the debt, their options after notification, and in many instances, do not receive the notice in a timely manner.  Enactment of S. 2884 would provide veterans with a better debt explanation and allow them to receive a more expedient notice via email.

DAV applauds the efforts to simplify the debt notice process and supports this legislation. S. 2884 is aligned with the intent of DAV Resolution No. 171, which calls for an improved debt notification process.  Please use the prepared letter or draft your own to urge your Senators to support and cosponsor S. 2884.

Our successes depend on our unified voices and we thank you for adding your voice to stand up for veterans and their families.

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