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Please support H.R. 3558, the Improve Access to Care for Our Female Veterans Act

Representative Susan Brooks (IN) introduced H.R. 3558, the Improve Access to Care for Our Female Veterans Act.  This bill would improve the VA’s procedures for ensuring that environment of care inspections are completed and deficiencies are reported accurately and timely by clarifying and strengthening roles and responsibilities for inspections in VA medical facilities.

The bill seeks to ensure all areas in VA facilities adequately meet privacy and security standards.  Safety and privacy accommodations can be made through simple investments such as installation of privacy curtains or locks on doors.  These minor modifications help create an environment that allows all VA patients, but particularly women, to fully engage in their treatment and recovery without privacy concerns.  Lack of these reasonable accommodations may be particularly troubling for veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress or other disorders related to military sexual trauma.

In addition, the measure would require VA to collect and monitor access data from women veterans seeking care through the Veterans’ Choice Program to ensure they have access to timely care when sent to a community provider.

Please ask your Representative to support H.R. 3558 by sending the prepared letter or composing one on your own.

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